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Chicco Cortina Travel System

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Chicco Cortina Travel System
4.4 out of 5 based on 29 user reviews.

Cred: 497
Review by artsygrl80 on Nov. 15, 2010
We love this travel system! We have carseat that only goes to 22 lbs though, it would have been nice to have the 30 lb one. The car seat seems really sturdy and has great safety reviews. My baby seems very comfortable in it. We have a base for both of our cars so it is easy in and out. Love that you can just snap the seat into the stroller and you don't have to disturb the baby. The stroller is great to. Pushing and steering is so easy. Love the adjustable handle since there is a foot difference between my husband and i. And it fold up really easy.
Basket on the stroller is small and hard to get into when the carseat is in it and the seat is fully reclined. The car seat is kinda heavy, but that makes me feel like it is safer

Cred: 2573
Review by mclongbrake on Mar. 12, 2011
We have the 22 lb travel system, and while I would have preferred the 30, we have a small baby, so this will get us all the way to one year. I love the adjustable handle on the stroller so my husband and I can both be comfortable pushing him. The stroller can be opened with one hand, and the basket has a good amount of space. The car seat is easy to clean and the straps are easy to loosen and tighten to get the baby in and out of the seat. If you have a LATCH system in your car, this is a very easy seat to install.
Takes me two hands to close the stroller, and the stroller straps on loose on my 9 month old (he is small, but I would have expected them to fit now) even on the lowest, tightest setting. Also, when I adjust the car seat straps they don't always pull in to the same tightness on each side, which can be fixed with more pulling, but is kind of annoying.

Cred: 233
Review by mssteph on Apr. 28, 2011
LOVED this system, I originally got the Baby Trend 'Daniella' infant carrier and stroller, and hated it! When DD was about 3months, I purchased this one in the light pink (luna?), 30lbs. It's not only beautiful, functional, it's way easier to carry, fold, push etc... I still use the stroller on a daily basis, and DH uses the car seat in his second vehicle as a spare (DD is 16mo, 25lbs.) This system is SOOO worth the extra money, I have not been dissapointed in any of it's features...
The light pink does show dirt more, but I've found that it washed up in the washer beautifully. Basket underneath is on the small side...
Ideal Age: 0-3 months

Cred: 725
Review by Jojobean on Nov. 15, 2010
Love Love Love!! This was best system for me. I am tall and the adjustable handle was perfect and I didn't kick into bottom of stroller. Easy to use system! Loved the mommy space up top! I also felt like the infant seat was safe!

Cred: 1480
Review by JoAnneC on Nov. 15, 2010
This is the best midpriced travel system for tall parents. The handle allows me to push with ease (trouble I had with other stollers). It steers very easily and the carseat snaps in easily as well.
Its hard to push on certain surfaces. I wish it had bigger (jogger type) wheels.

Cred: 1021
Review by CApostle on Nov. 15, 2010
Stroller is a dream to push! And it will hold LOTS of shopping bags with mommy hooks :)
LOVE our carseat, and it's so pretty!
We have the Luna set!
The basket drags the ground when folded and pulled if turned the wrong way

Cred: 685
Review by andrewsmom on Nov. 17, 2010
Thought this was a great travel system for me as a first time mom. Super easy to use, great colors, comfy for my son. Very safe and convenient.
My son only used the car seat until he was four months old (he is a big baby). Not sure if it was worth getting the travel system since the car seat was used for such a little time. I did love the car seat though.

Cred: 1134
Review by kenziesmommy on Nov. 17, 2010
Very secure clicking the seat into the bases or stroller. The stroller is the simplest of any of the travel systems we tried out, the 1-hand open and close is awesome. The material is a better quality than some of the competitor travel systems, and our daughter looks so comfy in the seat.
Wish the basket was a little bigger, and easier to access when being used with the car seat. Stroller isn't too great on uneven terrain...

Cred: 485
Review by AbeNAdmsMom on Feb. 13, 2011
Easy to push, great colors and designs, carseat easy to install, easy to remove from and return to base, both sun shades come together perfectly, holds a lot on the handle with hooks, seat back folds all the way down and foot rest folds up for little babies, and straps easily adjust.
Hard to get to basket with carseat in, and small basket.

Cred: 708
Review by brandiinicole on Mar. 12, 2011
I love this travel system. The fabric seems so much nicer than other travel systems i looked at, but it was still affordable for me. I love the convinence of not having to take my daughter out of the carseat if she is already sleeping, but can still use the stroller as a stroller!
cant get to basket when seat is all the way reclined down

Cred: 641
Review by LAndersen on Apr. 28, 2011
Great stroller system! Easy to push and I love the adjustable handle. The car seat it really easy to use and install into the car.
The basket underneath is a little bit small and you can't really get to it when the seat is fully reclined down to acommodate for the carrier. You have to use two hands to collapse it down, and when folded it is a little bulky.

Cred: 555
Review by momofAnu on May. 03, 2011
We have Chicco Cortina- Chic travel system.
1. Car seat weight limit is 30 lbs
2. Car seat straps are easy to adjust
3. Stroller is easy to maneuver
4. Adjustable stroller handle
Cannot use basket if stroller seat is fully reclined which happens if you are using infant seat

Cred: 1098
Review by katypunkchik on May. 14, 2011
Love this system :) I love how the car seat pops into the base in the car and the base of the stroller. The stroller folds up easily. We got it in the color: adventure (see pic).
It's a little heavy and big when folded up; but fit in our little trunk!

Cred: 570
Review by stell28 on Feb. 17, 2014
I LOVE my Chicco system! The car seat is wonderful and I love that it goes up to 30 lbs to help keep my guy RF longer! I love the stroller and how easy it is to transfer the carseat to the stroller
Hard to access basket when using the carseat in stroller.

Cred: 240
Review by Alyshah on Nov. 14, 2010
Love this travel system, super easy to maneuver. Also easy to fold up, even with one hand. Full recline, and super comfortable seat.
Basket is not extremely large. System is also pretty heavy, and bulky. May not fit in some smaller car trunks.

Cred: 240
Review by smile080 on Jan. 04, 2011
I really like this travel system. We've used the pieces separately since it was easier to use the car seat with something like the snap and go (less bulky). I really like the car seat though - it seems sturdy and it's comfortable for my son. I also really like the stroller - it's easy to maneuver and very sturdy.

Cred: 176
Review by hudsmum on Feb. 20, 2011
love love love!!! easy to push, stylish, affordable. the car seat was easy to install and adjust. love the mommy tray:)
when folded up the basket drags if you have it the wrong way. basket is hard to reach if the seat is fully reclined.

Cred: 234
Review by kammyboom on May. 31, 2011
we have keyfit 30 and the stroller is amazing! light and my child loves to be in it!
car seat was not good for my boy before he was even 8 months, the straps where to short and he was getting too hot in it too.

Cred: 224
Review by sophiedsmom on Jun. 12, 2011
I love this system. It's super easy to manouever and turns really easily. My daughter was always comfortable in her carseat and has great safety ratings.
Basket is hard to access when you have the carseat locked in. Carseat is fairly heavy, especially when your LO gets a bit heavier.

Cred: 270
Review by goldensnitch on Aug. 08, 2011
Love the travel system as a whole. The stroller was great with the car seat attached. We also liked the adjustable handle a lot. It is east to open and close.
I hate the stroller. My DD has never been comfortable in it. We can't get the straps to adjust small enough to fit her, sand they still don't hold her in right at15 months! The seat is always at such a recline (even in the highest position) that she can't reach the snack tray for her drink or goodies.
Ideal Age: 0-3 months

Cred: 315
Review by rmlemay on Nov. 06, 2011
Love this system! Baby can sit up in the stroller by herself due to the reclining seat (many settings). It folds up very nice and the carseat fits perfect.
Heavy carseat when chunky buns got up there in weight.
Ideal Age: 3-6 months

Cred: 2240
Review by kmatwood7 on Nov. 19, 2010
Easy to install with our without base!
Stroller isnt always a one hand fold up! Stroller basket is a little on the small side and difficult to get into when the seat is reclined.

Cred: 12
Review by ArmyWife4Life14 on Jun. 06, 2011
We have loved this system! The infant seat was great. I loved the latch system. The stroller is a very smooth ride and is easy to push and maneuver with one hand. Has a great storage area underneath.
I feel like the seat doesn't sit up far enough now that my daughter is older. Plus the stroller can be heavy when putty away.

Cred: 1111
Review by PenelopeWoods on Jul. 07, 2011
We love this travel system! We will be using it for baby #2 too...i really cant think of anything i didn't like about it. :)

Cred: 337
Review by jaclynb on Mar. 31, 2011
Love this! Super easy open/close. Very secure.
Basket on the stroller is too small and the "window" to see the baby is hard to see through and doesn't block the light.

Cred: 366
Review by AllieH on Apr. 22, 2011
Glides with ease, easy in and out, esp with carseat carrier, one handed fold is very easy to use.
Cannot use basket if using with infant carrier.

Cred: 33
Review by sarahwilk627 on Nov. 15, 2010
Love this system! So easy to fold up! Very sturdy
Not much else fits in my trunk when I have the stroller. Wish it had just a little more basket space.

Cred: 12
Review by MillerMama on Apr. 25, 2011
Love this combo! I have used it with three children since 2008, it has stood the test if time for me.
Basket is small

Cred: 22
Review by 01sunshine11 on May. 13, 2011
Love it easy to install and easy to get baby in and out. comfortable not to big or small just right
the umbrella on the stroller comes down.
Just get the keyfit 30 I didnt know about until later
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