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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Convertible Car Seat

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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Convertible Car Seat
4 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.

Cred: 239
Review by 5LittleWaterBabies on May. 12, 2011
Cute prints, cover comes off easily to wash. The one hand adjust is easy.
Doesn't work well as a booster. The shoulder portion of the belt doesn't stay in the guides, and even when it doesn't, the belt doesn't sit where it's supposed to. (See IIHS.org under not recommended) Harness webbing (the straps) twist and roll in on themselves after a year or so and need to be replaced (it seems nice to have "soft" straps at first, but the stiffer ones last longer). The top harness slot really isn't very high. And beyond that, there is only one more height setting to adjust to a booster. I know my 5 year old is too tall for this in booster mode according to the instructions, and my 3 year old is too tall for the harness mode, doesn't weigh enough to use the booster mode, and is within 1 1/2" of being too tall for booster mode. And after installing other brands of seats, getting a correct install (that a car seat tech would give two thumbs up to) isn't that easy and requires a bit of contortionism.
Use this seat as rf/ff seat only. Or instead use the Cosco Scenera rf/ff and then a Britax Frontier. Better bang for your buck. My 5 year old fits harnessed, and at the highest booster setting my 9 year old still could use that seat. It has a longer expiry at 9 years compared to the AOE at 6 years. The Scenera is 6 years as well.

Cred: 4863
Review by tasha on Apr. 25, 2011
I love this car seat! First I love how easy it is to get in and out of my car. I also like that it had the option to raise and lower the shoulder harness without having to retread. It is very easy to buckle. My DD threw up in the carseat and it was very easy to take apart and wash and then put back together.

Cred: 641
Review by LAndersen on Apr. 28, 2011
First off the print of this carseat is adorable!! We also have an all black one for my little boy. Secondly this carseat is really easy to install and move from one car to the other. I like the ease of adjusting it to fit my quickly growing kids. We have had to remove the covers and they do come off easily, wash well, and are easy to pit back on. I would definitely recommend this car seat to anyone!! :)

Cred: 719
Review by KerriMom on Apr. 30, 2011
We love this seat. It adjusts very easily as DD grows. The shoulders can be heightened without rethreading the straps and can tighten the harness from the front. The seat installs easily as well, and can move from one car to the other smoothly. Also: fits in my small 2-door Alero.
Can't think of anything bad to say about this seat.

Cred: 2552
Review by michellereed05 on May. 22, 2011
Great price
Easy to install
great for use from 5lbs up
cute prints
easy to wash
I dont think it is very comfortable
it does not recline enough for my 7 month old, and it really does not fit well in a corolla rear facing.

Cred: 563
Review by wrightmenow on Jan. 28, 2012
Sturdy & holds up to lots of transfers between cars. Easy to strip & wash down, and the buckles are semi-kidproof for smart toddlers.
Basic - not a lot of extras, and the buckles are tricky for grandparents.

Cred: 116
Review by Eberley on Nov. 14, 2011
Excellent car seat for newborn and toddler , both as forward facing and rear facing. Fits nicely in our van (very few car seats sit at the right angle in our van)
not enough height options - my two year old is almost too tall for the seat already.
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