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Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat

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Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat
4.7 out of 5 based on 15 user reviews.

Cred: 411
Review by embee on Nov. 16, 2010
Great seat! Fits well in our small car (Corolla). Very comfy for baby as well- well padded. Easy to use- straps adjust very easily, and provide a secure fit each time. My daughter is 17lbs/27" and will fit in here for a long time yet. Straps have two length settings, and are plenty long enough, even with an extra sweater.

Base can be installed using LATCH or seatbelt- both ways are very easy to get a secure fit. Base can raise/lower one end to get correct angle (no need for pool noodles, towels, etc.)

Cred: 627
Review by TheresaSchrader on Nov. 15, 2010
Love this seat. It made me feel secure putting my newborn in it because it was so "snug" around her. It is pretty light weight & VERY easy to install. I used it for 11 months and will use it for number two...when ever that happens!

Cred: 879
Review by jendmartel on Jan. 28, 2011
Can use this for the entire first year since height and weight limit so high. We love Graco's customer service (2nd infant seat we have used. Fits well in my car (minivan). I like the newborn inserts and the strap covers. I think the material is very soft ( we have Flint - black and gray one)
heavy - but what infant carrier is light once baby is more than 15lbs?

Cred: 763
Review by JenniferS on May. 16, 2011
Love this seat! The fabric is so soft and comfortable feeling. The straps work perfectly to keep my baby safe and secure. Love how easy it is to remove and wash the fabric. Also, it is easy to adjust the straps to accomodate height changes as baby grows.

Cred: 23
Review by MotherHenn on Feb. 16, 2011
This has been a wonderful seat. We use it for our second son and now our daughter. It still looks like new and functions wonderfully! I will definitely keep it until it is past the 5 year limit.
Sometimes the lever on the back catches and wont release the seat from the base or stroller

Cred: 169
Review by punky00013 on Apr. 21, 2011
This seat fits 5lbs-35lbs and allows you to easily keep your LO rear facing. I am not a fan of carrying the carseat everywhere, but it is very nice to have 1 carseat and 2 bases to go between cars.
straps could be longer for bigger babies.

Cred: 173
Review by rainbowgirl28 on Oct. 24, 2011
Easy to install. High weight limit.
Heavy. I have a very tall baby (29" at 6 months) so I think he will outgrow this by 9 months if not sooner, probably before he even hits 20 pounds! But I don't know of any other brand that would be better.

Cred: 142
Review by csjack on May. 10, 2012
We have this seat in Flint/Grey. Easy to install. Easy to get baby into and out of. Baby seems comfortable in it.
It becomes really heavy to carry with child in it once baby starts gaining weight. Baby tends to sweat a lot in it, but my baby probably sweats more than the average baby. :)
Lever on the back occasionally catches and won't easily release from stroller.

Cred: 990
Review by Johnna_Y on Nov. 15, 2010
Love that this infant seat goes up to 35 pounds. My DD weighs 20 pounds & 28 inches and still rides comfortable in this seat. Still looks new after 10 months of use.

Cred: 1233
Review by g8ranita on Nov. 17, 2010
Safe and secure, and can go up higher than other seats- but unless you have a really big baby, you probably will want them out of this and into a convertible seat before they hit 35 lbs.

Cred: 1230
Review by stacy on Jul. 13, 2011
I've really liked this carseat. My son is almost 14 months and still uses this in dad's car. It's great that we didn't have to switch him at 20lbs.

Cred: 2124
Review by susiemangolinie on Jan. 30, 2012
Great car seat, fits securely and is very comfy for baby. Even though we have a big baby we were able to use it for a long time.

Cred: 247
Review by october08bride on Dec. 24, 2010
This is a very well made car seat, and it's super easy to put in and take out of the car.
It's heavy!!!! My baby is only around 10 lbs. now so we definitely won't be using it until he's 35 lbs.

Cred: 1493
Review by ambella on Apr. 29, 2011
Super easy to install. Easy to adjust for baby.
Straps aren't long enough for larger baby.

Cred: 911
Review by clleon on Jun. 26, 2012
Love this carseat, have it in a different pattern though, also my 2 year old still fits in it!
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