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Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub

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Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub
4.3 out of 5 based on 39 user reviews.

Cred: 1545
Review by MeganH on Nov. 23, 2010
LOVE. This. Tub. This was the perfect transition tub from the sink to the big tub. The nose quacks when you squeeze it and my son thought it was hilarious. It doesnt slide around the tub and stays put. There is also a non slip bottom where baby sits, so he isnt sliding all around either. Its great that it is inflatable, that way you can take it to gmas or where ever you need with not a lot of bulk to pack. This tub has now passed on...it got a hole. But it was really cheap and great for what we needed.

Cred: 3458
Review by katiefix on Nov. 29, 2010
My DD got this as a gift when she was born, but we waited to use it until she could sit up on her own. It made bathtime more fun than just a standard infant tub. It was easy to inflate and fun to use! Plus, the quacking sound keeps her focused on the good parts of the bath and not on the water on her head :)
It was really bulky and hard to store. The suction cup was kind of a joke for us, as it didn't stick to the wall at all! But we just propped the duck upside down to drain in the tub. We only used this for around a month though, since DD could about flip herself out of it when she leaned backwards.
Really, the best alternative to this fun tub is just the grown up tub. That's where DD went after our spell with this one and she does fine. It was fun while it lasted though.

Cred: 1335
Review by monkeysohana on Jun. 26, 2011
Aww, the "ducky tub!" My son loved this tub!
- Easy to use.
- Perfect fit in a standard bath tub.
- Beak "quacks" when you press it - instant baby laughs!
- Inflated sides were just what we were looking for when baby started sitting up on his own.
- Suction cups on bottom keep tub from sliding/shifting.
- We had to replace them over time because they would start to mildew and I wasn't comfortable treating the plastic with strong cleaners.
- The suction cups didn't do a very good job of keeping it on our shower walls to drain.
- Expensive for limited use (but it appears there ARE some good deals out there.)
- As with most "temperature sensor" bath items, this was hit or miss so we didn't rely on it AT ALL when filling tub.

Cred: 8507
Review by LauraMichelle on Nov. 15, 2010
I loved this tub. It fit on our bathroom counter, and it was a great size for our long baby. I also liked that it was inflatable and had "soft" sides as opposed to hard sides like most plastic tubs. The "quack" was fun to engage baby with.

Cred: 563
Review by BonnieV on Nov. 15, 2010
LOOOOOVE this ducky, i strongly recomend once the infant tub is too small but not yet ready for the full tub alone... my dd loves hers and she is just know starting to get a bit big for it, we will miss it once she out grows (13mos)
i dislike the suction cup on it. it doesnt stick to the wall at all, but always grabs the bottom of the tub when i go to turn it over to dump the little bit of water left

Cred: 1298
Review by shelbydvinson on Nov. 15, 2010
Such a great tub! My DD was sooo much happier in this tub than the hard plastic tubs. She loves the "quack"! Side are nice and soft - in case she takes a topple, she won't bonk her noggin.
It does take up a lot of space, but we just keep ours in the guest bathroom.

Cred: 858
Review by Lexiloo on Nov. 16, 2010
Very comfortable fit for our growing baby girl. She liked the quack noise it made, and it was a nice little space for toys and bathtime play.
It is pretty big, even when it's not in use we just hung it to dry in the bath area, but size really wasn't that big of a problem. Suction cup doesn't work very well for the weight of it.

Cred: 1531
Review by MLH_mommy on Nov. 17, 2010
I love this tub! My daughter hated bath time until we got this tub! Because it is made for babies it keeps the water covering most of her body and she stays warm! She loves for me to squeeze the beak and for ducky to quack! When bath time is over we simply hang it up to dry until the next time!

Cred: 497
Review by sacunico on Nov. 19, 2010
I adored this tub and so did my boys. I like the temperature gauge (even though I always checked for myself--and after awhile it didn't work). Once my boys could sit up, they had room to kick but didn't have full range of the tub. It was wonderful!!
The quacking sound annoyed me, but the boys loved it!

Cred: 2351
Review by Dunia on Nov. 19, 2010
Great for camping!! We took this tub along when DD #1 was just little and will take it next year for the twins. I love this tub b/c it makes bathtime fun for your little one and keeps you from having to fill up the tub just to keep a tiny child warm.
Suction cup wasn't the best. It would be great if they integrated a hook or loop of some kind into the plastic so that you could hang it to dry.

Cred: 1446
Review by YodaSmith on Nov. 21, 2010
Love this! Brought it to use at Grandma's house and bought another for at home after that visit. She loved having her own little space in the big tub. And if you press the beak, it quacks, which was always fun during bath time. Perfect for 6 months until around 1 year old during that too big for the infant tub, not secure in the big tub stage
Suction cup to hang it up for drying does not work.

Cred: 1655
Review by EmsMamma410 on Jan. 02, 2011
A better transition from baby tub to actual tub. She is more contained. We got the pink one and it's so cute. She likes the duck noise and that there's more water in it than her baby tub had for splashing.
Not a lot of room.

Cred: 115
Review by aoneal0603 on Jan. 06, 2011
My Son thinks this tub is the best and I love it too. For him he loves squishing the soft sides and it gives him a little freedom to wiggle around. I love it because it is still smaller than the bath tub, and it entertains him so he is not trying to escape. This is the perfect transition and travel tub, plus it also comes with a few patches incase of a hole. For the price you really cant go wrong.
We are not able to use the suction cup on the under side of the duck, but it didnt really matter because our son has his own bathroom and we just kept his duck upside-down in his "grown-up" tub.
Ideal Age: 6-12 months

Cred: 1130
Review by GreenTNA on Jan. 17, 2011
Great tub! My daughter loves ducks so the fact that you squeeze his beak and he quack is awesome. Has a non-slip bottom so they move around less, and has a wonderful temperature gage on the bottom that lets you know when the water is too hot. The material is nice and thick and very durable. Oh and an add plus we used it outside in the summer for our daughter as a little pool :)
The sensor I find is TOO sensitive, I always made the water warmer then it warned you.

Cred: 457
Review by FL_Cruise_Mama on Jan. 30, 2011
Great 2nd tub! Love the quacking and the non slip interior. Used this almost as soon as DS could sit up.
We went through 4 in 6-8 months, they leaked frequently. But at least they're are cheap to replace.

Cred: 582
Review by pixiegoose on Feb. 19, 2011
Our 7 months old daughter loves this tub! We switched her a few weeks ago from the infant tub to this since she was sitting on her own. At first she wasn't sure about it but once she figured out she could splash around and the duck quacked, she was a happy little camper! It's the perfect size for her, though I'm not sure how long she'll be able to fit in it.
It's bulky and the suction cup doesn't work very well. We just keep it in the guest bathroom tub.

Cred: 1130
Review by emcardle22 on Feb. 20, 2011
Super cute, soft sided
I returned this product 3 times and every single one of them had a hole in it. I eventually gave up and never got to use it. Cute product, but bad manufacturing process apparently.
Just use the bath tub.

Cred: 1279
Review by AshleyWangler on Feb. 20, 2011
Nice to have for a baby that can sit up. I suction cup sticks really well to the bottom of our tub so the duck doesn't slide around.
My son is terrified of this duck and won't sit in or even look at it without screaming!

Cred: 2552
Review by michellereed05 on Apr. 29, 2011
My DD loves this. I feel safer with this than the regular bath tub because if she falls back she will hit her head on the inflatable side which is really nice. I love that it quacks also.
It takes up alot of space and they do outgrow it rather quickly. My dd now wants more room to splash around.

Cred: 4519
Review by Kaylison on Jul. 15, 2011
We ended up using it just for a toy, she prefered just playing in it! It worked great for the duckie themed bathroom. :)
I tried this as a bathtub once, and I didn't feel my daughter was very secure in it. I was worried it would pop, too!

Cred: 625
Review by earlec on Jan. 24, 2012
Very cute, easy and fun to use! I like the quacking noises in the beak that distracted him while he bathed. This is perfect for travelling, when your hotel room only has a shower option!
Hassle to store.

Cred: 2124
Review by susiemangolinie on Jan. 29, 2012
My daughter loved this tub, it really helped her get over her fear of baths. We had it in pink but can now only find it in yellow.
Takes up a lot of space in the tub which is fine if your child has their own bathroom but can be a hassle if they share a bathroom with an older child.
Ideal Age: 18 - 24 months

Cred: 240
Review by Alyshah on Nov. 15, 2010
Such a fun alternative to sliding all around a big hard sided tub. My kids both loved this!! The quack kept them entertained as well!
A little hard to store if sharing a bathroom, and you don't want to deflate after each use.

Cred: 353
Review by Annickas_mom on Nov. 16, 2010
I just pulled mine out of storage and my 3 yo still wants to use this bathtub! She loves it so much but she outgrew it after she hit 2yo.
Soft sides
Fun shape and bright yellow colors
Duck quacks when you squeeze the bill
great for travel
Size/storage and only good when they can sit up on their own

Cred: 216
Review by heavenlambert on Aug. 16, 2011
Love this tub! We started using this tub at 6 mos when our little one was sitting up well on her own. she loves it! if she does get excited and fall over, no worries-the edges are all soft and "catch" her fall. there is a suction cup on the bottom to hold the duck to the bottom of the tub so no slipping. I also use the suction cup to hang the tub on the back of my shower wall when not in use.

Cred: 183
Review by star2b28 on Dec. 11, 2011
My son LOVES this tub! Great transition tub. Love the built in thermometer and the fact that the duck quacks when you squeeze the nose is fantastic.
Kind of difficult to store but my hubby figured out that we can hang it from the shower curtain rod over the tub.

Cred: 627
Review by TheresaSchrader on Nov. 15, 2010
Great for travel & the inbetween (when your LO is too big for the baby tub, but too small for the regular tub). Easy to blow up, but a pain to store everyday!

Cred: 9
Review by jeanne on Nov. 15, 2010
Loves this for when my son was just learning to sit. The side were enough to help him sit up, and if he fell over it was soft. Easy to clean.
Takes lots of room when blowen up.
My son wanted to stand in the tub so he could make the duck quack.

Cred: 8
Review by OSUgymgirl16 on Nov. 16, 2010
LOVED this tub! My son got big FAST so this tub was perfect when we has 6 months and too big for the infant tub. It kept him from slipping all around a big bath tub and he really loved hugging the duck's head :o) Oh yeah, and he loved that the duck quacked!
It does kinda take up a lot of space, but what do babies have that doesn't?!?

Cred: 1882
Review by Setsuna on Nov. 19, 2010
In theory this tub would have worked really well.
But then it quacked and my son still cries a year later when he sees it!

Cred: 501
Review by ames008 on Jan. 04, 2011
Very convenient when my daughter was able to sit up on her own somewhat. Sides are thick so if she did fall over she didn't get hurt. Only used for a few months.
Ideal Age: 6-12 months

Cred: 35
Review by sqr222 on Mar. 07, 2011
Absolutely love this tub! My daughter didn't really like the tub at first but this made it fun. She loves ducks (it was one of her first words) and would crack up when it quacked.
We did have a bit of trouble storing it and didn't want to have to keep blowing it up every time she needed to take a bath so we left it inflated and put it in the corner of the bathroom.

Cred: 3027
Review by Free2bdee on Apr. 03, 2011
Cheap and easy to use.
It scared my son really bad. He did not like baths because he feared "the duckie" and the quack sounds he made.

Cred: 1111
Review by PenelopeWoods on Jul. 04, 2011
perfect transitional tub!!! we used this when my son was too big for his baby bath and too little for the big boy tub. it was perfect. he thought it was so much fun and loved that it was a duck.

Cred: 11
Review by peanutpup on Sep. 07, 2012
Great tub. Use this when we travel. Fantastic to use in hotel tubs when you just aren't sure about the cleanliness. Packs up great in a suitcase and little ones think it is fun.
In the box, it can take up a lot of room in your case. Also, not good for older babies that would rather jump on it than bathe.
Ideal Age: 6-12 months

Cred: 371
Review by moosesmama on Jun. 20, 2011
I received this tub as a shower gift and it's prefect to use during the in between age of sink and tub. my daughter loved to take baths in the duck

Cred: 29
Review by AshlynAdams on Nov. 12, 2010
My daughter LOVED this tub! Especially that the duck can quack! She always asked for baths in her ducky tub. :)

Cred: 12
Review by cseidenberger on Jul. 26, 2011
Great for Travel. Makes Bath time fun and safe in new places. Sprinkle with baking soda when storings to keep fresh and clean.
air level lowers after a day or two

Cred: 1305
Review by noraribble on Feb. 20, 2011
Safe space for babies who want to sit up.
Tub got moldy after only a few uses- yuck!
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