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Peg Perego Pliko P3 Stroller

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Peg Perego Pliko P3 Stroller
3.9 out of 5 based on 8 user reviews.

Cred: 615
Review by carly on Nov. 12, 2010
Handles well as long as you're pushing it with both hands. Love the floating harness system. Basket is difficult to access from the back, but it holds lots! Also you can hang tons of stuff off the back of this without it tipping over. Folds fairly compact and the hood comes down almost to the tray. The foot part of the seat can flip out so it's extended flat for smaller children, and older kids can ride on the foot bar between the handles while Mom pushes.
Very hard (almost impossible) to drive with just one hand (if your other is occupied with a drink or carrying a baby). The hood zipper (attaching the top of the hood to the back of the hood) can get stuck in the closing mechanism, ours did and the zipper was crushed. The zipper came undone and there is no way to repair it, you need to purchase a new hood which is $80 plus shipping! The hood works without the back part but it becomes a very small hood :( Also the 'viewing window' on the hood is hard to see through due to the mesh.

Cred: 424
Review by coopsadaisy on Nov. 22, 2010
I really like this stroller. I bought it because it had everything I wanted - cup holders, adjustable handles, a little step for my older son to stand on (which is AMAZING, especially when we are crossing streets), it fully reclines and the hood can come down all the way to the tray! It also accepts any infant carseat :) I think it handles great, and folds up very small. It is also super easy to attach any diaper bag to the handles using caribiner clips. I have been very happy with this stroller!
Difficult to push with one hand, and I dislike the harness, although they seem to have improved the harness with this year's model (from the looks of it). The basket is difficult to access from the back but it holds a lot.

Cred: 1167
Review by MistyDawn on Jun. 12, 2011
Love this stroller! We bought it after our stroller was broken on the airplane. I like that it is metal and durable. It folds up just like an umbrella stroller but is a full size stroller. That is probably my favorite feature besides the floating harness.

Cred: 167
Review by alypetersen on Nov. 20, 2010
good stroller as long as you're using both hands and folds nice and small. The adjusting handels are very practical to go from short mom to tall dad or visa versa. reasonably priced!
the basket is not very practical and hard to use, the cup holder really sucks and doesnt stay on nicely. when you fold up the stroller it sometimes sits on the snack tray.

Cred: 15
Review by cayenne008 on Nov. 24, 2010
Easy to use once you get used to its features. Has settings on the wheels to adjust to whether you want it to only move forward or for it to turn corners. Extremely durable and safe with a large basket and storage space. It even has a feature for toddler to stand on while you push stroller with second child in the seat.
Heavy and still bulky once it is collapsed.
Small umbrella stroller.

Cred: 763
Review by JenniferS on May. 16, 2011
Folds up small, super light, love the harness/restraint system, large basket.
Can't steer one-handed, hard to access basket, and the cup holder is in a bad place.

Cred: 311
Review by MaraR on Jun. 11, 2011
Smooth ride, nice basket and large hood. Easy to fold up and store.
Have to use both hands to steer, cup holder is not very useful and in an awkward place.

Cred: 21
Review by mammamia on Nov. 24, 2010
Very smooth ride, turns corners very easily. Removable tray for getting child in and out of the stroller and easy cleaning.
Need to push stroller with both hands.
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