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Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Car Seat

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Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Car Seat
3.9 out of 5 based on 15 user reviews.

Cred: 1048
Review by Brettaney on Jan. 06, 2011
We started using this seat when my daughter was 10 months old. She is 17 months now and still using it RF. She is tall for her age and still seems to be very comfortable.
I love the "air bags" on the sides not only because they will protect her in a crash, but because they support her head so well when she falls asleep. She has never had a kinked neck in this seat. If she wants to see out the window, she just moves her head forward and looks around, then goes back to her book or toy that she is playing with.
The strap height is adjusted by moving the headrest up or down, which is fairly easy to do (without the child in the seat). It is easy to buckle her in to the seat also.
I have taken it apart and washed it 3 times now and it is a time consuming process, but not difficult. It says to hand wash it only, but I wash it in a front loading washer and it is fine. I hang it to dry.
All in all, a great seat, and I would buy another one for child #2 when the time comes!
I wish there was some way to remove the headrest cover for washing.
The straps are hard to adjust sometimes, I'm wondering if it will be easier when she's FF.
It is hard to strap it into some vehicles using the LATCH system, but I'm not sure if it is the vehicle or the seat (we only have this seat). I have used the seatbelt once to strap it in and it was not difficult.
It does take up quite a bit of space when RF, but it fits in our car fine in any spot in the back seat when RF (Pontiac G6).
I did buy some strap covers to protect her neck from the straps rubbing on them. They were $3 and well worth it. (They are also easy to make and patterns can be found online!)

Cred: 1162
Review by iheartbees72 on Jan. 06, 2011
very easy to loosen the straps it is very comfortable for my 2 year old and it locks in very tightly to the car. Ultimately I feel that it is very safe not only in the event of an accident but because it it impossible for my Dennis the menace-esque son to unbuckle the buckle the straps that lock into the car. (Yes he has done this in a different car seat)
Difficult to attach buckles to car, but also a good thing. Not to many rants After watching the informational Video on this seat at BRU I was sold on the safety features alone!

Cred: 566
Review by harmony on Apr. 19, 2011
very nice and sturdy seems to be a safe seat. forward and rear facing. The quality of the seat is good, but the manufacturer recommended weights are off!
The seat says it is suitable for as little as 5 lbs. It's impossible. In fact I bought this for my first son not having very much experience with car seats since this was my first, but knowing that I didn't want to buy an infant style car seat because I didn't want to have to buy 2 car seats. The hospital would not even let me take our son home in this seat. The shoulder straps were a good 3 inches above his shoulders on the highest setting, there is no way he could even fit this seat until he was about 3 months old.

Review by Facebook User on Nov. 30, 2010
Great car seat over all. Very easy to loosen the straps and get child in and out. Easy to switch vehicles.
The straps are flimsy and constantly twist by the buckle. It is very frustrating. It is difficult to tighten straps as well.

Cred: 652
Review by Ashi05 on May. 02, 2011
Love this seat my friends joke that it is the corvet of car seats! It has lots of padding and makes me feel good that she has little air bags protecting her head
alittle difficult to install, and it would be nice if the head rest could be washed

Cred: 327
Review by Leatame on Jan. 11, 2011
We love this car seat! I reviewed a ton and heard great things about Britax but we ended up getting this one because it looked more comfortable. Our 2 1/2 year old fits well in it still and when he falls asleep, his head doesn't fall completely over.
None that I can think of.

Cred: 234
Review by meredithg on May. 04, 2011
Love this carseat!! It was super easy to install using the Latch system, and this is the first carseat we've owned that my daughter didn't immediately start screaming when we put her in.
For cars that don't have the latch system, it's REALLY hard to get a seatbelt through the hand hole. It's always a 10 minute process to get it installed in a car without the latch system, and your hands get all torn up.

Cred: 2240
Review by kmatwood7 on Nov. 19, 2010
Easy to get child in and out. Love how easy it is to adjust the chest strap height.
Not very easy to get the straps tight, takes up a lot of room when RF.

Cred: 459
Review by LindseyRenz on Dec. 20, 2010
Easy to clean, seems VERY comfortable
Baby gets frustrated that she can't see out the windows because of the air sacks. Also pretty hard to tighten the straps

Cred: 15
Review by knittinkninja on Mar. 31, 2011
Fits nicely forward facing, great safety features
Almost impossible to install rear facing, the straps are nearly impossible to adjust (you have to use all of your strength to tighten them--this was both RF and FF), and the check clip on ours broke early on and had to be replaced. Thankfully I caught it.
MyRide 65

Cred: 2124
Review by susiemangolinie on Apr. 29, 2011
we got this as a babyshower gift for my son and my husband was so impressed he took it out of the box right away to use for our daughter. very sturdy, easy to get her in and out, easy to latch.

Cred: 10
Review by PAMcCarthy on Jun. 28, 2011
Easy to get in and out of, easy to adjust straps and height, comes apart easily to wash.
A little on the large side when rear-facing. Not bad if they are in the middle of the back seat. Overall I still love it

Cred: 34
Review by tamberlee on Apr. 30, 2011
I just bought this for our 6 month old.
I can't think of anything bad about it.
I would recommend this to anyone.

Cred: 39
Review by sonitaval on May. 08, 2011
great car seat! i love it!! she seems very comfortable!! the air bags are great for when she is sleeping cause they will keep her head up!!
it is a little hard to fasten the straps

Cred: 9
Review by katecoles on Jan. 05, 2012
super comfy for baby. love how easy it is to use.
even in the rear facing reclined position its not very reclined.. but a rolled up towel fixes this problem
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